• Demon Possession throughout History

    Demon Possession throughout History

    Start here to learn about how interdimensional demons existented, why and how they possesed people and why they’ve become demons. This section consists of interviews through the Desteni Interdimensional Portal with real demons.

  • About the Demonology Website

    About the Demonology Website

    Next you're introduced how the members of the group known as Desteni, through their various abilities to communicate with the afterlife came to communicate with the demons, whom shared their experiences. The group assisted the demons out of their despair.

  • Demon possession in modern times

    Demon possession in modern times

    The focal point of the research and the assistance methods offered by the Demonology website is to focus on what possession has become in modern times where possession no longer happens through demonic entity possession but through and as the human's own mind.

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