Dorian Gray – Demon of Lust

Dorian Gray is a young, attractive and gullible man that just arrived in London, somewhere in the past (19th century maybe?). He is quickly enthralled by the vibrant city life, whops quickly into his role of a rich man attained after and thanks to the death of his father.

Note: The following article contains some minor movie spoilers.

Soon he finds himself accompanied by people that his naive and somewhat innocent character attracts. This company consist of, most importantly, an eloquent, experienced, compared to Dorian much older, well situated man. Just a side note: notice how money “gets out of the way” in this story. All the characters are very well taken care of, being rich they don’t have to worry about commoners daily struggle of survival.

This point of money being taken care of, not being an issue at all allows the characters to explore and indulge in all kinds of experiences and gives way to the main story – which is that of following your desire, no matter what and the consequences thereof.

As soon, which happens pretty fast in the movie timeline, Dorian is presented with the opportunity to become a demon, he makes the decision without a whim of an eyebrow. And he accepts and invites the demon into his life, into his very being. This is done through acceptance and allowance of following his heart’s and mind’s desires, without considering anything or anyone else.

Instead of looking at his desires, with both feet firmly on the ground, seeing which of these desires are able to be practically established and fulfilled, truly fulfilled, without creating consequence, without compromising oneself and others he chooses the seemingly (in the beginning) easy route of quick gain. Caring of and catering only to his own ego.

And the demon of and as Dorian Gray as lust and self-indulgence is set loose. The main part of the movie than focuses on the demon’s wild ride through the old city of London, the destructive effects of his actions on everyone around him and finally on his own realization of what has been accepted and allowed and the final accounting, where he pays the ultimate price for his decision – to become a demon, to disregard everyone else, to disregard himself and just allow himself to be possessed and directed by energy that runs out eventually anyway. Even that is very clearly depicted in the movie – where Dorian faces himself – still young and pretty – but bored to the bone with his life – unable to find any more satisfaction, joy or thrill even though nothing of what he wanted to be has seemingly changed. What has changed, what has been realized by Dorian Gray is that what he has become. That which he allowed to direct him was an illusion, never real, just a few glittering moments. Trapped like a moth in a night that can not resist light.

So enjoy the story of Dorian Gray. I have. And learn your lessons. Only accept and allow within yourself that which you want to become, which you’re willing to bare the consequences of, which you want to see in others, which you want others to do to you. That does not mean suppressing your desires, fantasies, hopes. It means aligning them with reality, actually really finding out for yourself what it is that you really want, really enjoy and what of that you’re able to establish here and it will last – for as long as you’re here in this world which you share with everyone else.

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