Mind Possession: Drunk parents torture child to death

Original Article: http://www.deccanherald.com/content/211542/drunk-parents-torture-child-death.html

Karwar, December 13, DHNS:

“A four-year-old child died after being tortured by inebriated parents, who banged his head against a wall and bit him all over his face and body at Habbuwada Haridev Nagar on Tuesday.
Sushant Shivappa Kurubara was allegedly assaulted his father Chandru Fakirappa Harijan, 30, and mother Prema, 28. The accused have been arrested by the Town police.

On Monday night, Sushant’s maternal grandmother Kamalavva had taken him with her. But Kamalavva got drunk and collapsed on a footpath. The police found the child loitering on the road and dropped him home at 2.30 am.

The parents, also drunk, attacked the child. The father banged the child’s head against a wall and his mother bit him all over his body. Police suspect the child may have bled to death around 5 am.”

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