Self-Forgiveness to Exorcise the Habits that Inhabit us

“Self-forgiveness is a system, a method, a tool to unfold and uncover the systems, patterns, habits one has become; the habits that inhabit us and take over once the trigger is pulled – a word, an image, a smell is enough to press ‘enter’ and the program runs: the human race.
Self-Forgiveness will Exorcise the Habits that Inhabit us; but then we gotta make sure they don’t come back.
How do we become ‘who we are’? How come we be-come?
Self-forgiveness is like walking backwards untying the knots/nots one has tied oneself in while wandering/wondering on the thread of ‘life’.
Self-forgiveness is the unfolding of that thread to see How one is knitted, How one be-came.
Man Know Thyself.
Within this, self-honesty emerges – and yet some self-honesty, the willingness to see/face truth/oneself, is required to dare walk this path to begin with…
No self-forgiveness without self-honesty, and no self-honesty without self-forgiveness.
The more we allow ourselves to See, the more we place ourselves in a position to ‘get a grip’ of it all/of ourselves and determine what we will accept and allow and what not; the more we are able to take self-directive principle and determine ‘who we are’, instead of just following the program and what comes-up to drive us.
To See, however, we need to remove the veils – let go of that which we think we know; let go of that which we like to believe about ourselves, that which we justify the world with, that which we use to make excuses for our fear/’inferiority’ while projecting some ‘superior’ image of ourselves, as we cower and hide and blame others, instead of standing-up for life in self-responsibility.
Actual self-forgiveness as life comes once we start fathoming the ‘effect’ our ‘cause’ has been having on the whole of life and this world as one; once we start seeing and realizing what it is we have been stand for and perpetuating in this world through all that which we have allowed ourselves to be equal to in our ‘inner realms’.
Seeing eye to eye, in self-honesty, we cannot but humble ourselves. Then – the choice: to either forever remain in negativity, self-anger, self-hate, self-judgment and spitefulness, OR to forgive oneself, let go, and move forward without looking back; to self-will a change that will purify, dignify and rectify self as life.
Through such self-willed ‘intervention’ (is that what ‘divine intervention’ actually is? lol) we start accumulating self-trust because we see and prove to ourselves that we are able to direct ourselves in every moment: we do not have to be victims of ‘circumstances’, we do not have to continue participating in the power-games we are educated with.
At school we learn to build ‘trust’ based in knowledge. Then we compete through knowledge and we even keep knowledge ‘secret’ to have an advantage against others! And that is how we’ve built this world.
Here we have the opportunity to build actual self-trust through ‘man know thyself’: placing ourselves in a position where we are able to determine ourselves in self-honesty and self-will; where we are able to actually move ourselves. This is self-power as life, as we stand-up through self-directive principle to live and walk as self-willed equals of life.
With self-honesty and common sense, we don’t need ‘knowledge & in-formation’ to in-form us of ‘who we are’ and how we are supposed to interact in this world. We can see where this has brought us and it is not a pretty picture. Instead, we can stand-up and in-form ourselves, and form a world that is best for all.
We are going to have to learn to trust each-other and live with each-other. This is a co-existence and no ma is an island. What we cause has an effect and all and everything that is here.
Looking again at the tool of/as self-forgiveness, we can see that: even though we are able to ‘explain’ and present and share self-forgiveness as a method, a system to work with to get to self-realization about who we are (Man Know Thyself) – actual self-forgiveness is something each one must live and discover for self, as self.
Similar it is with self-honesty; it is easier to ‘explain’/share/present what self-honesty is Not, lol. Self-honesty however is something that must be self-realized.
Self-realization, too, can be a process of self-discovery, self-introspection, self-reflection and understanding of How we got to be who/where we are today and How all the experiences and mental/emotional patterns of self were created — but then to realize self beyond that, to make self real as life beyond conditioned stimulus-response patterns: is another story that can only be self-realized through self-actualization: real-living, real-I, real-time, breath by breath, in every moment.
That’s why it was/is suggested that we walk this process in every breath, one breath at a time, one point at a time, until it’s done. Patience is required – not the easiest of virtues, lol. But is there another way?
Trapped in time, created through time, we must work with time to re-create ourselves in dignity and respect, in a way that we can live with ourselves without regret, without shame; and in a way we can live with each-other without harm, without spite, without secrets.
We are going for it – facing the inevitable that is ourselves.”
“Self honesty takes TIME as you are a creature of TIME and you must understand how you have CREATED yourself through TIME. Once you grasp TIME and how that can be manipulated, you will realize the importance of being in TIME and on TIME, directing time as the TIMEKEEPER called BREATH until all time can be trusted to serve only LIFE. When this is done – we will have ETERNAL time as no matter who will be born where, it will be into heaven here on EARTH” – Bernard Poolman

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