For the past 20 years, we have been involved in the Research into the Afterlife and Human History. The group is now known as Desteni, after it was decided to present the Research on the History and Design of Mankind as Pre-programmed Mind Consciousness System trapped within cycles as a ‘Soul’ within the Soul Construct. Each member of the Group walked a different Life experience; from studying parapsychology and channeling to the Esoteric.

When the Interdimensional Portal opened end of 2004 it allowed the members to fully explore the Dimensional existence while dimensional beings utilized the portal and communicate about their experiences in the afterlife, how they died, why they died, why demons existed and how the dimensions really functioned. The realization was that there was more going on in the dimensions than the channels and psychics were even aware of. Over a period of two years a relationship developed between the members and the beings within the dimensions. It was realized that a problem existed within the dimensions which no channel, psychic or light worker was willing to face or even knew how to face – demons – as the true existence of demons was hidden from those who claimed they could ‘assist demons’. At that stage people who worked with demons, claiming that they could remove demons from homes and people – were not aware of what really happened to the demons. The demons had already been around for a long time and because they relied on the energy generated by and through humans through system designs within the humans, the demons had developed an extensive amount of self-awareness and self-preservation. Again the Channels and Psychics could not see the Interdimensional Systems existent within Humans and within the Unified Consciousness Field, therefore did not see what the demons saw – which was that the systems within humans were responsible for all human beliefs, thoughts and behaviors.

Therefore the war that was being waged between the demons who could see how Consciousness functioned within each human and the religious/spiritual who ‘thought’ they knew how to direct the dimensional existence and demons- would never be resolved –as the demons continued to play with human fear based on the fears generated by systems. The demons knew that no god existed in the dimensions and that the angels were programs of the white light. They knew that the symbology of religion like crosses and holy water meant something to the human, but that these symbols had no other meaning especially not to the demons – therefore they played with humans as their sole purpose was to feed off human fear. Through the portal it was possible to contain and communicate with demons – so the original members of what was eventually to become the group known as ‘Desteni,’ sat night and day, communicating endlessly with beings that were trapped in the demonic experience. For more information please read the History of Desteni Series. At that stage the human mind consciousness system and the afterlife was designed to function through and as Energy. Therefore once beings crossed over they were contained in heaven, which existed as the in-between stop where the soul, which was the pre-programmed energetic body of all beings, was processed and prepared to enter this system on earth once again. It was here that the ‘soul’ was prepared to live another life on earth, to generate energy through the World Systems, which was then transferred to Heaven. This allowed the masters and dimensional beings to exist in their energy states in heaven. Please watch the History of Mankind Series to understand the Design of Man and how Heaven was created. The members assisting the demons had developed the tools of self-honesty and self-forgiveness as they walked through their life experiences realizing the deception of the White Light and realizing for themselves how Consciousness worked.

By the time they started working with the demons, they realized that the tools which had assisted and supported them in stopping various forms of addictions, self abuse and Fear (mind possession) – would now Equally serve the demons – and it was then that many hours over a period of about two years, was spent assisting the demons through the Portal. If you havn’t already – please read the Interviews called: History of Desteni. Once the group realized that the tools of Self-Honesty and Self-Forgiveness were to play a key role in stopping the Abuse that we have accepted and allowed and that it worked with the demons, a decision was made to launch the website ‘Desteni’ and to present, no matter what resistance was met on the Internet – the research and tools of Self-Support that will be the beginning of Real change – as each person is given the tools through which to stop their Self-Beliefs, Fears, Opinions, Judgments, pre-programming, ego and Resonances – to Live here in the Physical as the Physical.

The glue which binds together this website within the experiences of the demons is the presentation of the experiences of the demons and the tools which assisted and supported the demons, to assist the human-demons called humanity –to stop the Patterns of Self-Abuse which we accept within ourselves, which we then accept within the world as our ‘outer reality’ – as seen in the world systems that we have already accepted and allowed. Therefore, to change the world we start within ourselves and our ‘inner reality’. The demons as the unseen reality have shared their stories and once you remove your fear of the idea of demons and actually listen to what they have to say – you will realize that the demons were no different to humans, who exist in Fear, Pain, Sadness and an addiction to Energy. Through the research into the Design of Consciousness, it was realized that man has already become demonic in nature – feeding off the energy provided by the planet and other beings, regardless of the consequences, in an attempt to survive as the Mind. The Demons survived from the energy that humans give of through thinking, feeling, reacting, fearing etc. – therefore something to consider: to judge a demon is to judge oneself because the demon that you judge existed because of how we as humans exist. The demon became that because in human form he/she accepted of themselves that which we as humanity accept within ourselves within a Lifetime and thus through the process of crossing over, were trapped in the experience of themselves as the personality each had become. Each person’s personality exists out of fear, judgment, comparison, ego, emotion, desire, anger, regret, jealousy, survival constructs – and this becomes us as the end product of our Life experience.

Therefore at the point of crossing over each being (demon) was trapped within their Personality with no means of hiding or suppressing – and due to the addictive nature of the Mind as ‘who I am’ as an energy experience – the demon would then seek to express itself and thus would require energy generated by humans through participating in thinking and feeling (personality). Therefore we started with the demons, purifying ourselves as the demons purified themselves – and from there we used what is already here – the Demonic Nature of Man – to establish a point for each to work with in Self-Honest Self-Realization.

That is why this website will present the past research and experiences of the demons, however our main focus is to stop the Demonic Nature of ourselves which is now manifesting in the experiences of Mind Demons. Within this website, we will be giving perspectives on the world events which indicate a rise in the Mind Demon as the Personality man has become. We ask that you place your demon, demonic possession and entity experiences and we will do Interviews on specific aspects within your experiences and how these experiences are designed through the Mind and Resonances. We ask that you start off by watching the videos done by the demons, dimensional beings and the History of Desteni to familiarize yourself with the story behind how demons existed, what they realized about the dimensions and how they were assisted to release themselves through Self-Forgiveness. To familiarize yourself with the ‘Mind Demon’ – we suggest watch the Interview on the ‘New Demon’, the System Demons and the Interview perspectives done on ‘’World Events’. If you have a Entity/Demon/Demon Possession experience that you would either like to share or ask a perspective on, please join the forum.

This website is open to all who would like to share their experiences or to ask questions, however please realize we do not support Religion, New Age/Enlightenment or any form of ‘ghost hunting’ or esoteric/religious demon exorcising. Please read the forum guidelines before participating on the forum.

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