Demon Possession in Modern Times: Recession drives middle class to drink, anxiety and abortions

“More Britons are turning to drink to cope with the recession, according to doctors.

GPs say tough times mean their patients are drinking more, exercising less and suffering more anxiety – and the middle-classes are particularly hard hit.

One in six family doctors also believe that patients have asked for an abortion because of financial worries.

Alcohol cure: More Britons are turning to drink to cope with the recession, according to doctors

Overall, three out of four GPs  questioned for a survey said the economic downturn was making people more unhealthy.

Almost eight out of ten reported an increase in new cases of mental health disorders linked to stress caused by the economic climate.

Of these, more than half believed the biggest rise had been in symptoms suggesting a clinical condition, including obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety and panic disorders.

Men have been noticeably more affected by depression, the doctors said, but added that they had diagnosed three times as many women as men with irritable bowel syndrome.

Two-thirds of GPs felt there was an increase in patients drinking more alcohol, and almost half believed  they had seen an increase in serious alcohol abuse.

When it came to smoking, more than a third of GPs believed that increasing numbers of patients were giving up or cutting down to save money.”

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