Demonology Art – Daydreaming is just avoidance

Damián Ledesma1

Life Review – The Day Dreaming Zombie

“Why do we ‘Daydream’?

Where does ‘Daydreaming’ come from in the relationship between the Mind-Reality and the Physical-Reality we’ve separated ourselves into?

What is the purpose of ‘Daydreaming’ within the context of the Mind? What are the consequences of Daydreaming in our relationship to ourselves, our physical-body and our physical-lives on this Earth?

How does ‘Daydreaming’ separate us from actually seeing with and living in ourselves, our physical-bodies and this physical-existence?

What is the relationship between ‘Daydreaming’ and us not taking responsibility for and in fact living ourselves and our lives and our futures in this world/on this Earth?

All these questions and more are answered within this Interview.”

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