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I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself tonot realize that Spiritual Guides are the Characters used to Control those that may find Compassion and Empathy through acting as the Policeman in the Head to keep the Spiritual Person on their Preprogrammed life as a Slave to Energy and Love to keep the System going without Question in the Faith that there is Something Better after this Life.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that the Evidence provided by Psychics and Seers about Spiritual Guides are So Meager that it depends on the Eagerness of the Spiritual Victim to be Special to Ensure Faith, Attention, and Confinement to a System through Justifying the Why of the World on some form ofSpiritual Wisdom that Sounds Great, but is Never actually the Living Reality of the Flesh as Self for All.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that the Commercialization of Spiritual Guides through the Publishing of Books and the Marketing of Psychics and Spiritual Gurus are Designed around the Knowledge and Wisdom of the Dead, where the Source can never be Questioned and there the Perpetrator of this Wisdom will Quote the Dead profusely and Never actually Present anything that is Contradictory to the Wisdom of the Dead, as that would Disturb the Memories of the Customer that is trapped in the Memories of the Dead as Characters Envisioned up to seven generations ago keeping the People on Earth Now trapped in the Memories of the Dead to become the Walking Dead that Live Only in the Illusion of the Mind, making it Very easy for the Spiritual Characters to feed on those that Seek a Higher Life – but None of this Interplay of Spirits ever Questions the Real Nature of Heaven, as it all Seems to be from Some Invisible force with a Greater Plan, making the Justification and Marketing of this Spiritual Industry an Amazing Deception with No Actual Direct View on What Really Happens in the Mind or after Death.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that Wisdom in this World is Useless as it is Not Making Sure that Every New Born Child is taken Care of and that Life on Earth is Supported and Cherished.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that Spiritual Guides were Deliberately designed to Act as the Policeman that Ensures that the Soul keeps to their Preprogrammed Designed Life to NEVER Question the Nature of Life in the Physical World.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that Psychics and Channels were Designed Deliberately to Act as Spiritual Policeman to keep the Souls in their Preprogrammed Designed Lives to Never Question the Nature of the Physical World and to Keep the Beings Enslaved on Earth in Every Way Possible: in a way that Seems Lovingly and Divine.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that Spirituality and Religion is the Advertising Campaign of the Hierarchy in Heaven to keep the Souls in alignment with their Preprogrammed Lives as their inner world, so that Knowledge and Energy stored as Memory as to Ensure that the Living Physical World Abuse is Disregarded, as it is not Affecting the Life of the Religious or Spiritual person directly causing a Division between Physical Reality and Mental Reality with the Assumption that the Mental Reality represents the Physical World and that the Principle of “As Above, So Below” seems to be true in their Preprogrammed Mental Reality to Ensure those possessed by Mental Characterization will justify and ignore all Physical Suffering as just an Illusion as the Real Reality according to the Program Only comes After Death – Ensuring that every Spiritual Oriented Person on Earth in fact will Never Care about the Life of Another on Earth unless they are Mentally Connected through a Preprogrammed Design as Love or Family or Friendship – causing in it’s Wake a Daily Holocaust at an Unprecedented Level at the Behest of the Preprogrammed Character Dictators that Believes, due to Energy, that they are in fact Real.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that Consumerismis in fact the Reality of “As Above, So Below” – and that, as the Human Consumes Life on Earth, Heaven consumes the Energy of the Human, creating an Infinite Cycle that has Devastated All the Planets in the Universe throughout the History of Existence – but because the Human is Imprisoned in the Mind, the Human will Only Ever See what the Human is Preprogrammed to See, and therefore no Psychic or Medium or Intuitive ever Sees Anything else But a Hollywood Programmed Story to keep the Slaves on Earth Happy to Never Question the Reality of the Abuse of the Physical World.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that the Planet Earth is the Last Available Planet in the Universe to be Mined with the Mind, and that Every Species Exterminated in this Mining Operation is in fact part of each one Dying as we Slowly but Surely are Eradicating ourselves through our Greed and Self interest, as our Fear Grows Unconsciously as we realize Deep within that this is the End Game and we have No Clue what Lies Ahead once we are Done with our Feeding Frenzy based on our Perceived need and belief that to exist we require Energy or our Life will be worth Nothing, and so we spiral out, Dividing Ourselves ever more in pieces we end up Consuming as we Slowly, but Surely Eat Ourselves Alive that we may learn what You Do to Another will happen to yourself and yet we refuse to hear because our Preprogrammed Life of Greed and Need of Happiness simply cannot bear that we are the ones responsible in every way for All the Abuse that has ever existed in all time.
I commit myself to Assist Those that May find a Spark of Life Inside, to Free Themselves from the Preprogrammed Character Design as Life as a Game to Return to Reality and to Participate in Seeing a World that will always be Best for All Life in All Ways.
I commit myself to Call on all Psychics and Spiritual Enlightened Beings to Dare to Stop the Mental Illusion and to Find the Living Flesh as Self to See what is in fact Real in this World and to Participate in Creating a World that is Best for All Life Always.
I commit myself to SHOW that the Meager Evidence provided by the Spiritually Enlightened is Based on Preprogrammed Energetic Characterizations as energy in a Fools Paradise of Complete Self Interest where No Living Being Exist as Only the Personal View and Opinion is valued Disregarding the Evidence of a World with Living Beings in Trouble.
I commit myself to SHOW that this Mental Abuse as Character in the Illusion of Self-Interest Only Exists Because Each One Lost in Energy is in fact Participating in It and Keep on Creating It without Ever Daring to Stop for Real to See if this Energy Illusion is in Fact Real.
I commit myself to SHOW that those Walking the Journey to Life are in fact Discovering the Extent to Which Control as the Preprogrammed Design Exist and are an Example and Way to Find out what is in fact Reality for those that Can find Some Compassion for Others Suffering, in themselves.

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