Psychic attacks and Witchcraft


There’s this person i used to be close with who now hates me and is into witchcraft and is very dark. She is psychically fucking with me by projecting negative and confusing thoughts at me and whatever else she can do to make my life uncomfortable. I know I am responsible for what goes on in my own mind but it seems like she has the ability to tap into my subconscious and uses it against me. I am curious to find out what the destonian approach to this situation would be? Is it possible that this is really happening the way i think it is? I contacted a few metaphysical teachers and psychics to see what i can do to put a stop to all this and somehow protect myself. The one guy told me to attack her back psychically but that just doesn’t resonate with me as being the right way to go about it. Are curses and spells real and able to be used against people? Any suggestions on material that can help me understand everything about this situation would be very much appreciated.


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Imagine you have 3 balls fitting into each other with one Large ball, then one medium-sized ball in the large ball and then a small-sized ball in the medium ball. So, the balls fit into each other from large, to medium to small. Let’s say the large ball represents the unconscious mind, the medium ball the quantum mind and the small ball the quantum physical.
This to show the different mind-layers that are mostly integrated into the physical body – containing a lot of information, memories, thoughts, emotions etc. that are stored on a physical level of which people are not aware – because your awareness is channelled / locked into the conscious and subconscious mind. So, most of your thoughts and emotions – the things you are conscious of in the head, primarily activates from information and memories stored and layered in the body within the unconscious, quantum mind and quantum physical layers.

This is also why and how it is that sometimes the most bizarre things come up in our thoughts and imaginations, like really weird stuff, where you kind of look at it and go “where the hell did that come from?” – because the information coming up in your head in unexpected moments you can’t seem to relate with, cause it does not match any of your conscious/subconscious mind personality self-definitions, nor relates to anything in your immediate environment / outside world. So, such weird / bizarre / ‘out of place’ thoughts comes up from the unconscious / quantum mind and quantum physical dimensions of the mind in the body – where, in these layers / dimensions your consciousness can make all sorts of connections / relationships to random things with one purpose: to when your consciousness brings it up in your conscious / subconscious mind – have you EMOTIONALLY react to it in some way or another, cause as long as you react to what comes up in the mind – you’re generating energy for your own consciousness. So we have become a slave to our own minds / consciousness.

Now that I’ve explained this – let me get back to the visual example above so that I can explain to you how it is that if another human being is in a state of anxiety / fear that will resonate in their mind and body; how you would respond to their fear and anxiety by your acceptance and allowance. Explaining thus, how the things coming up in your Mind / thoughts is not because another doing anything to you – but that you are in your mind responding to their mind, based on programming within you that you haven’t dealt with / directed.
Imagine now that you see the three balls resonating / moving at different speeds. Let’s say the large ball (unconscious mind) is vibrating really slowly, the medium ball (quantum mind) a bit faster and then the small ball (quantum physical) vibrating REALLY fast. This represents the speed / ‘quantum time’ speed at which these minds move within consciousness and the physical body and how slow / fast they process information. Now Imagine that you have two human beings standing next to each other, but changing these two human beings in two sets of large, medium and small balls placed next to each other. Let’s make the first set of balls orange – representing one person and the other set of balls yellow representing the other person. Now – let’s say the other person, the yellow large, medium and small balls is in a state of anxiety / fear. With them being in a state of anxiety and fear, imagine seeing in all three balls like ‘electrical sparks’ going off – so all three balls are ‘electrically charged’. This is essentially what happens in the Mind and Body of a person when an overwhelming emotion takes over – all the mind-layers and dimensions activates ANY and ALL information, memories, past thoughts and experiences that relates to anxiety – it’s like a massive internal Christmas tree that lights up.
Now – as this person’s entire Mind and many dimensions/layers activates in relation to anxiety, for example – all of this resonates out of their mind and body. To illustrate this resonance – imagine that now from the yellow balls, you see this yellow smoke emerge from it, from the electrical sparks / currents that had taken over all three balls. Now imagine that you see this yellow smoke / resonance – resonating into and towards you representing the orange balls. What you have to understand here is that, what is resonating / ‘smoking out of’ the other person’s mind and body – that ‘resonance / smoke’ contains all the information of this person’s anxiety / fear that activated within their entire mind and body.

As the other person’s mind resonates towards you – your mind will then accordingly respond IF and only IF you have anxieties and fears in YOUR MIND that you have not DEALT WITH. So, as their yellow smoke / resonance of their mind travels to your mind / body (or you as the orange balls) – your orange balls (as your Mind) will then accordingly ACTIVATE any fears / anxieties that has been suppressed within you/the body if/as you have anxieties / fears in any mind layers / dimensions that have not been forgiven / released / changed. So, with your Mind responding to their mind – your mind / orange balls also lights up like a Christmas tree, lighting up / activating all your fears / anxieties that is existent within you.
So see: no other person can do anything TO YOU – whatever comes up in your Mind when with another person, especially weird / bizarre things, is simply activating in you – SHOWING YOU the things you need to deal with within yourself. Therefore, it’s not that anything of any other person’s mind TRANSFERS into your mind / body – NO, this does not happen. All that happens when people interact with each other – whether you are physically with them or even just thinking about them, is that: YOUR issues / points / mind activates when you’re dealing with similar things in your process as the other person is in their process.

So, ensure that in your Mind – you do not blame anyone for what is coming up in your Mind, if anything – interacting with other people assist and support with showing what in our own Minds we have not taken responsibility for; and so others in fact in this way is our mirrors that reflect back to us what we need to direct / forgive and find solutions for.

The practical process of identifying what of yourself you have mirrored into another within your own Mind, starts with having a look at what it is that you think about the person – because the good and the bad we see / respond to within others actually reveals more about yourself than you realise. But, before we get to how to practically assist and support yourself in this regard – let’s have a look at this section here:

“She is psychically fucking with me by projecting negative and confusing thoughts at me and whatever else she can do to make my life uncomfortable.”

First and foremost: the greatest thing that will set you free from yourself / your own mind – is taking responsibility, which fascinatingly enough is the one thing that most people fight doing with everything / all that they’ve got. One of the primary defence-mechanisms used to not take responsibility: is blame. Blame is not something ‘personal’, meaning: Blame is but another construct the Mind use / we in the Mind use to ensure we do everything / anything possible to protect our own programming rather than breaking through it and setting ourselves free to be able to live with Awareness / as Awareness.

Therefore, if you have a look at your statement above – there is an element of blame existent, where you are blaming her for the negative / confusing thoughts coming up within you; which we have established is because you did not – as most do, understand how the deeper layers of Consciousness operate/function. Thus, what happened is: you connected the thoughts / reactions / things coming up in the Mind that you didn’t understand and/or couldn’t relate to – towards her. Now comes the point of transforming blame to self-responsibility, which will assist and support you to be able to change your relationship to the things you don’t understand and release yourself from it within the Mind. Because understand: as long as you, in your Mind, blame her for what comes up inside of yourself – she’s not the one imprisoning you / keeping you captive in the relationship to those things. You are imprisoning yourself as long as you Blame another for who / how what you are – because as long as Blame exists: responsibility cannot exist and as long as responsibility does not exist – you don’t have the power to change. Thus, self-responsibility is the key and self-empowerment to change.

What I would suggest doing from here is to list all the thoughts / images / emotions that you have blamed her for that has come up in your mind, essentially – you want to sit with yourself for a moment and change the statement from “she is attacking me / projecting these things into me” TO: “who am I in relation to these thoughts / images / emotions?” Therefore, you and you alone want to stand in front of the things that are coming up in your Mind. From here, you can have a look at where the things come from – if you can identify where / from who in your life you have imprinted these kinds of thoughts / images / emotions. “Identify”, meaning – see if you can where / when did such thoughts / emotions / images come up as a response / reaction to something / someone and/or if whatever came up in your Mind is the similar / same from some scene in a movie / series for example.
Most of the time, I have found that the weird / bizarre that’s coming up from my Unconscious is weird / bizarre random responses / reactions to things / people in my outside world. Meaning – sometimes you would be standing and having a conversation with someone and the strangest thoughts / images / emotions would come up that you don’t know where they came from – here you’re looking at your unconscious / quantum mind responding to something in the other person that is on a whole other level. This I will specify more in the next post: how to deal with the strange that comes up in your mind when interacting with the outside world, where the things coming up in your mind is out of the ordinary in relation to how you would usually respond / react to the outside world / the people within it.

For the moment, what I would suggest doing as I mentioned above – is to list the thoughts / images and emotions that you initially blamed her for and then unconditionally apply self forgiveness for them to release yourself from them.
For example, let’s say that a negative thought of “she doesn’t deserve to live” / “my mind is being abused” came up – and such thoughts was not ‘characteristic’ of thoughts you usually think but at the same time cannot source where exactly they come from; really – all I do with such thoughts / backchats is unconditionally forgive – because I know that if I TRY and understand them / TRY and figure them out, even though I had looked / investigated them but could not source them; this is another way Consciousness can use to keep you imprisoned within your own Mind as it can bring up random things with no context and then the more you try and FIGURE them out, the more you actually trap yourself in relationship to them. So, if things come up within me that I cannot source / identify – then I unconditionally forgive them, let them go and then move on – keeping my awareness in/as this real world and go on with my life.
So, let’s say that you did look at the thoughts and you could in no way find where they come from or why they exist, then you simply write / speak: “I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed the thought “she doesn’t deserve to live” within me. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to react to this thought. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed this thought to define me / change me. I let it go” – then you breathe and move yourself to focus on things that are here, that are real that needs to be done. Then you do the same with the next thought. What you’re doing in this is assisting and supporting yourself to not accept/allow such thoughts to change you, to react to them, for them to define ‘who you are’ – but let yourself go from them so that you can stop being preoccupied with them and focus on what is REAL: you in your real relationship with your physical life and the responsibilities within them.

Will continue more in the next post with some examples of how to deal with thoughts / images / reactions that come up in moments that are strange / bizarre.

Primarily I have found that we tend to blame something / someone else for what goes in our Minds / what comes up in our Minds, because of not understanding where most of the things we think about / imagine in fact comes from. Now that it is understood that the bizarre / strange that comes up in our thoughts / imaginations – emerge from the unconscious / quantum mind and/or quantum physical (which is the dimensions of the Mind you are not aware of because of your beingness primarily only being channelled into the conscious / subconscious mind where you are ‘immediately’ conscious of the fact that you are thinking / talking in your head / imagining/fantasizing and experiencing emotions/feelings): Let’s have a look at how it is that the bizarre / strange in thoughts / imaginations can come up with only THINKING about another person – where they do not necessarily have to be in your immediate environment.

Ideally, we’d like to meet another person within the principle of equality and oneness – where we ‘connect’ with each other AS each other, being able to directly see into the Mind / Beingness and Physical Body; essentially meeting with each other as our entire selves / beingness and not how our Minds interpret but a few dimensions / queues from each other based on a select few words / behaviours / sounds and the general presence we experience / pick up. This is how we’re currently ‘connecting’ with others: through the Mind. This means: whatever we see / hear / sense – our own Minds interpret and accordingly react / respond to. You can test this for yourself when meeting someone, how based on a conversation / interaction – observe your thoughts / internal conversations that goes on WHILE you’re speaking to them / interacting with them and you will notice that it is based on those thoughts / internal conversations that you ‘decide’ who the person is and who you are in relation to them. But we never self honestly question: “how can we in any way ‘make up our minds’ about the TOTALITY of who someone is within one / few interactions/conversations that weren’t even intimate?” We often don’t give others and so also not ourselves and our relationship to them the space and time to really get to know an individual within all that they are – but blindly trust our thoughts / backchats that are in fact assumptions/ opinions that are made and primarily not founded on fact / evidence with having spent time with them.
So, what happens when you start thinking / imagining and backchatting about another person in your Mind – you are ‘creating a persona of the other person IN YOUR OWN MIND’. Meaning, it’s like you are taking a simulated version of the other person, imprinting it into your mind and creating a personality for them based on your own assumptions / opinions. What happens in the Mind is that – this interpreted-simulation of the other person actually manifests as a ‘dimensional being’ in your Consciousness. So, it’s fascinating that when you interdimensionally look into other people’s Minds, the structure of the Mind – you actually see platforms upon which is situated actual simulated versions of all the people in their life that they connected to and in some way or another formed a relationship towards – whether good or bad.

Therefore, when you THINK about someone – the simulation of them that you created in your Mind, that consists of a mix between ‘fact and opinion’ will activate and then any connections / reactions you made to that person will also activate and so: you are in fact influencing yourself based on thinking about a person that you simulated in your Mind.
Yes, the simulated version of a person in your Mind is a mix between fact and opinion – meaning: some of the information of the person is valid based on what you observed / experienced in reality, yet most of it is based on your own reactions / experiences towards them. So, essentially –most people that we think about in our Minds is 1% themselves and 99% a mirror of ourselves, because while we are simulating a personality of another person in our Minds: we in fact source information from ourselves, our own memories, our own information / history and programming.

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